chinese fengshui

Mr. Zhong xitong, inheritor of geomantic omen of Yang gong in jiangxi, China, is a geomantic omen master in ganzhou, jiangxi, China. Young xuefeng water metaphysics, the family elders impart selfless. Worship into the Yang great-grandfather under the door, the master gave Yang gong feng shui.
Mr Zhong Xutong geographical division is not only a good feng shui is a image designer, skilled in kanyu combined with science, dialectical, to eliminate geomantic superstition, let integrity into logic, this paper will be China's environmental science, Yin and Yang, five elements combination, image design, four-column numerology, upwind book of changes for the customer to make the enterprise culture.
Mr. Zhong shitong to disseminate Chinese traditional culture as his own responsibility, to jiangxi Yang feng shui network as a platform, for the whole country, radiation southeast Asia, the development of enterprises and individuals feng shui services, numerology planning, image design, high-end villas and garden design planning business.